Google Pixel 3 XL Screen Protector - Military Shield - Fullbody

Google Pixel 3 XL Screen Protector - Military Shield

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    Highly Scratch Resistant - Strong film protects against keys, small impacts, sharp objects and other common hazards your phone may encounter.

    No Residue - No nasty substances are left when the screen protector is removed.

    Memory Film - Retains shape after impacts and scratches by using an advanced molecular structure that remembers it’s original manufactured shape.

    Precision Laser Cut - Pieces cut to perfectly fit your device offering the best protection and allowing your device to remain elegant.

    Technologically Advanced - Film used by the Air Force for military applications, provides the most advanced protective properties.

    Silicon Adhesion - Extended life of long lasting adhesion so screen protectors normally outlives your device.

    Virtually Invisible - We use a premium film that gives you ultra clear image quality.

    Easy Installation - The protectors are easy to install, they require a small amount of water for wet application. Our video below showcases the simple process.

    Package contents - Front Screen Protector, Back Screen Protector, Application Card , Micro Fiber Cloth , Installation Instructions

    Overview - ScreenKnight utilizes advanced technology originally developed by the Air Force to protect helicopter propeller blades. The properties of this versatile material offer a combination of strength and durability to give your gadgets the best possible protection.

    Forget those clunky cases, Screen Knight’s screen protectors allow your phone to keep it’s elegance without worrying about damaging it.

    Protect your investment and increase the life span and resale value of your gadget. These are not the low quality screen protectors you see all over eBay. These are highly advanced Military grade screen protectors made from premium film for durability and clarity. Don’t spend £30 or more on other products when you can get it all for so much cheaper.

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    1. Near perfect better coverage then glass

      This would have been the perfect screen saver if the corners had not start to lift when I fitted my rhinoshiels case.might have been my case being slightly to big but because it done that I can only give it 4 stars. Now the screen protector it's self was good had full coverage of the screen better then any glass screen protector I've tried. Not as smooth as glass but it's almost as clear as glass. I did fit the back screen saver but as I use a case I don't see it but for the extra protection glas I got it. Simply to apply just follow the instructions. Packaging was simply but that's a good things as keeps the cost down Only other thing I would says is you supply a spray bottle of distilled water like Spigen as don't like using soapy water mixture that I had to do myself I wouldn't mind paying a extra couple of quid for that maybe do 2 version one with and one wirhout. Protection seems good but haven't tested it fully and although I do trust it I don't want to fully test it in my case it was better safe then sorry. Overall very happy except the lifting of the corners but it not stop me using it. May be suited for someone who doesn't use a case but in my job that would be a no no on 15th Jul 2019

    2. Great screen protector, just fiddly to apply perfectly.

      Once these are applied properly, they're my favourite screen protectors, hands down.

      However, getting them on properly, with no bubbles or gaps is not easy. In fact, I had to order two of these as the first one was a complete disaster.

      Once fitted they're terrific though, will continue to prefer and use ScreenKnight for all of my phones.
      on 3rd May 2019

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    • ScreenKnight Military Grade Screen Protectors Installation Guide

    ScreenKnight Military Grade Screen Protectors Installation Guide

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