iPhone 8 Screen Protector - Military Shield - Full body

iPhone 8 - 4.7" Screen Protector - Military Shield

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    Highly Scratch Resistant - Strong film protects against keys, small impacts, sharp objects and other common hazards your phone may encounter.

    No Residue - No nasty substances are left when the screen protector is removed.

    Memory Film - Retains shape after impacts and scratches by using an advanced molecular structure that remembers it’s original manufactured shape.

    Precision Laser Cut - Pieces cut to perfectly fit your device offering the best protection and allowing your device to remain elegant.

    Technologically Advanced - Film used by the Air Force for military applications, provides the most advanced protective properties.

    Silicon Adhesion - Extended life of long lasting adhesion so screen protectors normally outlives your device.

    Virtually Invisible - We use a premium film that gives you ultra clear image quality.

    Easy Installation - The protectors are easy to install, they require a small amount of water for wet application. Our video below showcases the simple process.

    Package contents - Front Screen Protector, Back Screen Protector, Application Card , Micro Fiber Cloth , Installation Instructions

    Overview - ScreenKnight utilizes advanced technology originally developed by the Air Force to protect helicopter propeller blades. The properties of this versatile material offer a combination of strength and durability to give your gadgets the best possible protection.

    Forget those clunky cases, Screen Knight’s screen protectors allow your phone to keep it’s elegance without worrying about damaging it.

    Protect your investment and increase the life span and resale value of your gadget. These are not the low quality screen protectors you see all over eBay. These are highly advanced Military grade screen protectors made from premium film for durability and clarity. Don’t spend £30 or more on other products when you can get it all for so much cheaper.

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    1. Superthin and neat!

      I was surprised by how thin this screenprotector is. Looks and feels superb! Hope it protects against falls/impact as good as it looks on 1st Jul 2020

    2. 100% again !

      I can only say: there is no other foil that is as easy and simple to apply, as invisible, works with most bumpers or cases and is as stabil and tough. I love the fact that even the most slippery phone becomes a little more „grippy“. Its a great brand that I found 5 years ago and eversince used their products on a number of phones, all well protected! I highly recommend the foils, especially the full body protection. on 7th Apr 2019

    3. Covers entire screen even the curves

      This screen protector is excellent as it fully covers the iPhone 8 screen, as it moulds around the curved edges of the screen.
      The screen protector is not as invisible as other screen protectors and slightly affects the screen clarity. However,it appears to be more scratch resistant and as it covers the whole screen it is less noticeable than both the tempered and plastic screens that don't cover the edges.
      on 10th Feb 2018

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    • ScreenKnight Military Grade Screen Protectors Installation Guide

    ScreenKnight Military Grade Screen Protectors Installation Guide

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